Kate Kennedy Crest
Ever Young and Graceful

Custodians of St Andrew's History

The Kate Kennedy Club was formed in St Andrews in 1926 by two students at The University of St Andrews, James Doak and Donald Kennedy. Galvanised by J.M Barrie's rectorial address "On Courage" in 1922, and assisted by Principal Sir James Irvine, the two reinstated the traditions of Kate Kennedy Day and annual Kate Kennedy Procession, which has been organised by The Club ever since.

The Kate Kennedy Club exists to preserve the Kate Kennedy Procession and:
1. Maintain the traditions of the University and town of St. Andrews
2. Raise money for local charities
3. Uphold and improve Town and Gown relations

A walking tapestry of history

To Celebrate the Kate Kennedy Procession

The return of spring is heralded by Scotland's oldest historical pageant. Tracing it's origins as early as 1432, the procession itself has a history as vivid as the over one hundred characters it immortalises in period accurate attire.

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The College that stands by the sea

To Honour The Gaudie

During the Candlemas semseter, the Club organises a gowned torchlight procession through town and along the Pier. The evening involves a recital of the Gaudeamus in memory of a student, John Honey who risked his life in 1800 to save survivors of a shipping accident offshore.

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A walking tapestry of history

Keepers of the Procession

Each Spring, the club organises the annual Kate Kennedy Spring Procession. The procession traces its origins back as far as the 15th century where legend has it that lady Katharine Kennedy visited her uncle, Bishop Kennedy of St Andrews, every Spring. Her beauty was so breathtaking that the students lined the streets in the hope of catching a glimpse of her. The procession has now developed into a celebration of St Andrews rich history, showcasing students and locals dressed up as historical figures who were born, lived, taught, preached or researched in St Andrews.

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Contributing to the Local Community

Supporting Local Charities

At the heart of our club is supporting local Fife charities. We pride ourselves on doing our very best to make a tangible difference to smaller charities. Each year we seek out projects that are making a noticeable difference to our local community and aim to support them through donations from the various events we run. We also try to do our bit through volunteering. Members of the club volunteer weekly at the Cosmos Community Centre where they join Diane and her fantastic team to help with the after-school club. We are constantly looking for opportunities to help and are always grateful for any suggestions.

Our ChaRity Partners
pRESERVING history and tradition

Upholding Town and Gown Relations

St Andrews' ancient traditions are a large part of what makes this place so unique. Each year, the Kate Kennedy Club hosts many of the traditions which St Andrews students hold dear. Although the town's traditions are constantly under threat, the Club strongly believes in preserving our history and regularly intervenes to accomplish this. In doing so, we hope to strengthen the town's sense of community and ensure its rich history lives on.

Community Events
About our events

Opening and May Ball

Each year, the Kate Kennedy Club welcomes students to the first black tie event of the academic year: The Kate Kennedy Club Charity Opening Ball. Held on Lower College Lawn, it is one of the oldest and most established events at St Andrews. Guests are greeted by Highland Pipers and a Champagne Reception, followed by a night of drinking and dancing. It is a first taste of St Andrews' events culture for new students but also a welcome return to our town for older years.

Just as the Kate Kennedy Club open each Academic Year, we similarly host the final event every summer. Held locally at Kinkell Byre, with sunset views over St Andrews Bay, the Kate Kennedy Club Charity May Ball is the premier event of the St Andrews social calendar. A VIP dinner precedes the main event for which both VIP and Classic tickets are available. Live music is provided by Internationally-known artists such as Lost Frequencies and Duke Dumont while fairground rides and hospitality stands provide further entertainment. May Ball stands alone as the perfect end to the St Andrews year and is not to be missed.

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One of Scotland's oldest student organisations

Discover centuries of the Kate Kennedy Club's history.

The Balls (Video)

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Fife Women's Aid

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The Kate Kennedy Opening Ball 2021

June 26, 2020
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KK Sixes

September 20, 2021
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Charity Dinner

February 6, 2021
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The Procession 2021

January 16, 2020
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The Kate Kennedy May Ball 2021

August 28, 2020
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The Gaudie

August 30, 2020
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March 15, 2020
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An evening with Daniel Craig

November 9, 2019
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Joining the Kate Kennedy Club

We encourage all first-year students (traditionally known as bejants) who are interested in the town, its history and charitable work to apply. The Club admits nine bejants each year, after a series of interviews.

In addition to this, the Club invites tertians and magistrands who the Club deems to have been outstanding contributors to the University, Town and Kate Kennedy Club to join. There are now over six hundred Kate Kennedy Life Members which constitute an incredible alumni network who support the Club and its members from around the world.

Please register your interest below to ensure you receive updates regarding venue and times.

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